Kids Palace

Kids’ palace is the Innovation Department in the Children Rehabilitation hospital in Jerusalem that develops custom solutions for kids with disabilities and helps commercialize solutions conceptualized by private ventures. Private ventures are offered space to work, the staff’s expertise and assisstance with clinical trials.


The challenge was to create a website for the Innovation Department, which is comprised of two branches: The first branch focuses on developing custom, one-of-a-kind solutions for a single kid with a disability, while the second focuses on helping startups with commercial solutions in the field of assisstive technology.

Visual Language

Together we agreed that showcasing children in sensitive situations wasn’t ideal. We decided on creating an uplifting user experience, using illustrations and an optimistic visual language.
We decided color differntiation between the branches was necessary, in order to distinguish between the two and help our visitors with orientation.

This is Blob
Blob reaching for the stars
Meet Blob

No body’s perfect. We all come in different shapes and sizes.
These are clichés that are very true, and based upon them I came up with the blob: a human representation designed to be quirky, imperfect, relatable and happy.

Blob is not alone.
Together the Blobs create amazing things.

This is Blob
Blobs making dreams come true
This is Blob
Blobs having fun on a Saturday morning

Blob is surrounded by friends and family, who are there for him whenever he needs.


Geometric and dyanmic, the iconography is designed to address startup representatives.

Set of icons


Kids Palace: Homepage
* The homepage redirects the visitors to ones who need help and ones with an idea
Watoobi: Mentor Card sketches
* And this is the landing page for families with children with disabilities
Watoobi: Mentor Profile sketches
* And this is landing page is for startups
Watoobi: User Flow sketches
* Event screen
Watoobi: User Flow sketches
* Popup Form for generating leads