Watoobi is a mentor marketplace that connects you with mentors picked out specifically for you. If you want a peek into your future role, Watoobi allows you to meet mentors and shadow them for a day, observing their work first hand.

The process


The business Side of Things

After consulting with the founder of Watoobi, we've distilled the 3 main business goals:

  • Redefine Career consultancy

  • Streamline the onboarding process

  • Incentivise users and increase conversion

Business Model

Watoobi is a community-based online platform for Shadowing meetings between users and mentors. It connects mentors and users and facilitates the process of Shadowing meetings.


Watoobi has been around for several months when we started working the project, and so had the privilige of aggregated data over existing users. However, we decided to engage potential and unexposed users as well.

User Research

100+ Participants

Watoobi already had quan/qual data from it’s current user base, which provided interesting insights.

60+ Responses

We created and posted a survey in specific facebook groups, inquiring over questions that arose during the research.

5 Calls

We talked with existing and subscribed users over blockers/motivation, and corroborated some of our theories.

Competitors Analysis

We've identified several direct and indirect competitors, and arrived at 2 significant insights:

Emotional Connection

Since we’re in the business of getting people together, it’s important to make them feel invited. None of the competitors succeeded in instilling such a feeling, but rather treated their mentors like items for sale in an eCommerce site.

Interest Funnel

From the existing data and the surveys we’ve conducted it was clear that our users rarely know exactly what they want, however our competitors didn’t address that and acted the other way around.


Watoobi: Homepage sketches
* Homepage sketches
Watoobi: Mentor Card sketches
* Mentor card sketches
Watoobi: Mentor Profile sketches
* Mentor profile sketches
Watoobi: User Flow sketches
* User onboarding sketches

Usability Test

After conducting usability tests and interviews, we encountered two obstacles and arrived at some useful insights:

CTA button

CTA button wasn’t engaging enough, so it was decided to change its content and provide more white space.

Meeting schedule

Users preferred to schedule a meeting using the Available Meetings aside, directly engaging a specific date.

Personal care

The need for a personal chaperone that’ll accompany and be Watoobi’s contact with the user arose from the interviewees.


Watoobi: Homepage
* Homepage
Watoobi: Mentor Card sketches
* Logged-in user homepage
Watoobi: Mentor Profile sketches
* Mentor profile
Watoobi: User Flow sketches
* User onboarding

Mobile Strategy

Other than adapting the design into the constraints of the mobile device, we also took advantage of the opportunities the mobile device offers. The main opportunities we identified were the ux moments that occur when the user and the mentor are in vicinity of one another, i.e. when a shadowing meeting is scheduled or both are at a Watoobi event.

Watoobi Meetup


Watoobi plans on organizing meetups, in which mentors give a brief introduction about themselves and their profession, and mingle with potential users afterwards. To actually make the mingling work, we added the "Say Hi" button, which breaks the ice and starts the conversation.

Shadowing Meeting: You've Arrived


You've arrived at your mentors offices, in front of you stands a huge generic office building. Somewhere in there, at some distant floor, your mentor awaits you and you don't want to keep him waiting.
No worries! Your mentor has been notified you're about to arrive, and is now riding the elevator downstairs to meet you.

Shadowing Meeting: Review


After the Shadowing meeting you can save your personal notes for later review and also add photos you took during your visit. These small details help make reviewing the meeting later on easier and more productive.

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts

Watoobi faces several real challenges:

  1. discern what its user really interested in
  2. diffuse users hesitation and procrastination
  3. facliitate a meeting between two strangers

These are 3 difficult hurdles to overcome in a digital age and by digital means. I expect that meetups will be a great middle ground, where the more hesitant and les focused users can be exposed to the different fields of interest and mentors.
The mentors presentation is key to success here, since a professional and well executed profile will diffuse many blockers and expedite the Shadowing meeting.